Tips for Booking One of the Best Austin Italian Restaurants for a Work Party

If you are a CEO, manager, or you hold a role in which you are responsible for booking a restaurant to treat your work team to a job well done, Austin, TX has many choices, so finding the best Austin Italian restaurants for a work party can be very challenging and daunting. Whether your sales team hit their big revenue target, someone got promoted to an executive position, or the marketing team increased their leads from organic search volume and magazine ads, then surely you want to treat the team to a nice dinner with all the extras such as a great atmosphere, good drinks, and amazing desserts. 

Italian restaurants are ideal, as they offer menu items for all taste buds, even down to the pickiest eaters. With multiple varieties of pasta or pizza, you simply can’t go wrong at delighting all diners in your party. This article will help you find the best Austin Italian restaurants for your work party celebration. 

The Best Austin Italian Restaurants have the Right Dining Environments

If your company dinner is going to include a meeting or a presentation, than having a private room for your event is ideal in order to block out noise and distraction. Just make sure it has the ability to power a projector, laptop, and can accommodate a projection screen or a white board. If it is strictly social, than having a large enough table away from the main commotion, or even private dining options on a patio space would provide the setting for a memorable team dinner. 

Gluten-Free and Friendly for All Diets

With a large dining party of coworkers, you won’t know their dietary needs unless you take a survey, and let’s get real, no company has time to waste on such a thing. Instead  one of the best Austin Italian restaurants will have a diverse menu for all types of people. For example, Il Brutto has a gluten-free pizza crust option, and pasta for those who follow this diet. 

Pescatarians can enjoy grilled octopus, anchovy pizza, or a seasonal fish entree. Kosher diners can get cheese pizza, lamb, and multiple types of pasta. Carnivores can enjoy an authentic sausage pizza, beef tenderloin and a pappardelle with lamb ragu. 

If someone can’t eat dairy, look for a menu with a number of meat and fish dishes, or call ahead and ask if they do pasta dishes and pizza without cheese (most Austin Italian restaurants that are high quality will offer something for such guests). 

The Best Austin Restaurants Have Amazing, Authentic Desserts

Dessert is the perfect ending to a delicious meal, so make sure you select Austin Italian restaurants that have a great, divers, selection of sweet treats. For example, tiramisu is a classic favorite, while another close second is a good ricotta semifreddo with fresh fruit. Also look for traditional desserts that may not be too recognizable to the novice, like mint chocolate fernet. There should also be dessert wines like a moscato or a trebbiano, as well as a wide variety of nice grappa options.


Why a French Restaurant is the Best Saturday Brunch Austin Spot

Whether you are meeting up with the girls for brunch, your Saturday morning yoga class wants to get brunch later in the morning, of you want to take your mom out for a special dining experience, brunch is the go-to option, and a French restaurant is the ideal option. But finding the best Saturday brunch Austin has to offer can be challenging, and even more so if you seek French restaurants. However, Austin has some great French restaurants, and this article will get you on the path to finding the best Saturday brunch Austin location.

The Best Saturday Brunch Austin Spot will Delight All Dietary Needs

You know how it goes in brunch parties: you have vegans, meat-eaters, non-dairy folks, pescatarians, carnivores, and everything in between. So naturally, you want to find a French restaurant with a brunch menu that caters to all friends. For example, Le Politique is a shining example of a French restaurant that offers large and small bites for all types of people. From a small starter like French onion soup, steak tartare, escargot, an assortment of garden vegetables and a fantastic cheese board, to main entrees like waffles, eggs benedict, steak with fries, quiche, eggs prepared any way, omelets, monte cristo and croque monsieur, there is something for everyone.

The Best Saturday Brunch Austin French Restaurant much have something for the Kids

If there will be children in your party, you will want to make sure the menu takes them into account. Kids should be able to get classics like Gateau Basque and French onion soup, to a fresh crudo and waffles, as well as eggs prepared any way. Kids also love crepe suzettes, a side of bacon, and hazelnut butter toast with honey. There should also be house-made yogurt with fresh fruit for kids and adults alike!

The Best Saturday Brunch Austin French Restaurant Should Have the Best Drinks

Mimosas are a staple brunch beverage, as is wine. So make sure the Saturday Brunch Austin Spot you choose has an amazing wine list and makes craft cocktails. The French restaurant should have their own craft cocktails, while having the ability of making all the classics. Le Politique has delicious cocktails perfect for brunch made from lavender–a popular choice for the ladies, and a brown butter old fashioned that is popular amongst male guests. There should also be virgin drinks for people who don’t drink, and for kids. A complete brunch means you get the right drink, na matter what.

Ending Your Brunch

Having a coffee beverage with a pastry is the best way to end the best Saturday brunch Austin date with your party. The espresso and coffee should be high quality and equivalent to what you would enjoy in France. You should also expect the French restaurant to have an expansive patisserie menu with 20+ items. From a wide variety of macaroons to croissant aux amandes and cinnamon rolls, to coffee cake and a wide variety of cookies and other sweet and savory pastries, you should have a lengthy menus that will pose a difficult decision while you sip the best cappuccino, latte or espresso shot you’ve ever had in your life.