3 Things to Look for in a Winning Food Truck Design

If you are starting to think about a food truck design, then you have likely already determined that owning a food truck business is your perfect solution to making money. And given the fact that the average food truck grossed more than 300K last year, you have likely made a smart decision. 

Making sure you partner with a company known for exceptional food truck design is going to help make your business successful right out the gate. After all, the exterior design will attract the right customers, and the interior design will enable a team to be productive and turn a better profit. Look for these three components to a food truck design, and you will be on a great path for success. 

  1. Choose the Right Exterior for Your Food Truck Design

An exterior food truck design usually comes in two major types: vinyl wrap and paint. Each option has its benefits and downsides, so knowing what type is best for your business is critical. Vinyl wraps last longer, but they don’t tend to pop as big as a hand-painted truck will. However, paint succumbs more to weather and it fades in the sun and along areas with high salinity. So if you plan to run your food truck business along the beach, or you live in a desert region, vinyl would likely be the better option. But if you live in the Pacific Northwest, you could choose either option. 

  1. A Profitable Food Truck Design is Built to Achieve Your Goals

Before you settle on a food truck design, the builder should sit down with you and understand your brand, menu, target customers, and your growth goals. This data should then be used to create the perfect food truck platform and interior space. For example, if you plan to sell gourmet burgers and you have a team of two, but in a year you want to expand the menu, add an oven, nd hire two more people, you will need to make sure the interior food truck design can accommodate your current needs, as well as future needs, without going too big thus causing higher operational costs. 

  1. Branding

Your food truck design should also be set for proper branding. When people see your food truck they should immediately get curious, feel attracted, and be prompted to go look at the menu. This means the images, colors and messaging should communicate what you sell, who your customers are, and what makes you special. In other words, if you sell seafood such as lobster rolls, fish tacos, and fresh oysters, and most of your customers are surfers and families, the exterior food truck design should capture this and project your brand to such buyer audiences. The best builders use a food truck design to help empower a business strategy, while the poor quality ones simply design according to standard specs.