Ideal foods for after a procedure

Going through a medical procedure, either to improve physical appearance or to have better health, is something that changes our daily lives for several weeks, during which time the body recovers from the incisions that As surgeons perform, it is no secret that nutrition during this period of time is essential to guarantee a successful recovery and mitigate the risk of complications.

However, not all people are very clear about which foods are the most convenient to consume between the post-operative period and complete recovery, some take risks by consuming foods that can cause harm, while others, out of simple concern, are careless and do not eat. Well, unnecessarily prolonging the recovery time, that is why today we are going to show you two ideal foods to eat after a medical procedure.


Soft creams and soups

After less invasive procedures, the body is left in a state of semi-weakness, although you will be able to move relatively easily and you will not necessarily have to be in bed for a long time, it is true that you will have to take care of yourself as if that were the case, because complications can happen to anyone, regardless of the procedure they have undergone.

For this reason, creams, as well as soups that do not have any particularly hard or difficult to digest ingredients, become essential to recover due to their high content of vitamins and minerals. Many dentists in Tijuana with extensive experience in the office recommend their patients to constantly consume these and other soft foods to help them recover.

Of course, if you underwent an invasive dental procedure, such as an exodontia or tooth extraction, you need to avoid consuming foods with milk, as lumps can be generated that can infect the wound.


Gelatin: Suitable for better recovery

Gelatin is a light and easy to digest food, it is available in a large number of flavors and colors, so it will be available for all tastes, and it has a property that makes it unique and different from any other. other food: A high protein content, in fact, it is 98 to 99%.

The consumption of gelatin during recovery from some operations, both invasive and minimally invasive and regardless of the branch of medicine to which they are oriented, is quite essential because it allows tissues such as muscles and cartilage, and even the bones, to be easily recovered from the incisions.

Many women who have undergone a tummy tuck in Tijuana have found that they have a much faster and more effective recovery when consuming this protein polymer compared to patients who do not. 

In all, after a medical procedure you can only eat light foods and, if possible, have a high nutritional content, whether in vitamins, minerals, proteins or all three. Your body will thank you!