The ideal diet after implants

After undergoing a dental implant treatment, you should rest for a few days, because, although it is a quick procedure, in any case, it is a minor surgery, and requires certain care so that the tooth is not damaged. final result

Since dental implant surgery is a bit annoying at first while the wound heals, as in any type of procedure in the mouth, you must have a special diet, called a soft diet, so we will give you some ideas that They can help you to carry it successfully on the days that the dentist orders it. 

How to eat a soft diet

Because soft food is digested more quickly, you can eat 5 meals a day, which means eating for breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, mid-afternoon and dinner.

All on 4 implants Tijuana, recommends using these foods, so that you make a combination as you wish, but taking into account that the main salt meal is lunch. 

Soups and broths

After a dental implant, the gums are inflamed and battered, so it is not advisable to subject them to post-treatment stress, therefore, it is not advisable to eat hard foods during the first 10 days.

So that you do not lose too much weight, you should consume pumpkin cream, watercress soup, vegetable soup, noodles and of course the shredded chicken broth.

Fruit juices

Low-sugar apple, grape or pear juice is highly recommended, preferably natural, since those that are industrially made are generally very sweet, which in the long run does not quench your thirst. 

Fruit puree

These are made quickly in the blender, adding little water, and if you wish, a little sugar. They can be made with peaches, bananas, apple, papaya, and strawberries.

Bananas, papaya, strawberries and watermelon can even be eaten directly without any problem. 

Puree with salt

You can use vegetables, avocado, mashed potatoes with low-fat cheese, asparagus, pumpkin or mushrooms to make a delicious puree.

Cereals in sweet soup

Oatmeal cooked with milk, cinnamon and sugar, can fill you up a lot, also a cereal soup, which you can get in a health food store. They are an excellent food and only take a few minutes to be ready. 

 Of course, remember that you should not drink it too hot, and if possible do it only up to two or three days after the procedure, because in the first meals after the procedure, it is better to consume cold juices, as this helps to reduce inflammation.

The egg is also recommended in the soft diet and if you want you can also use salt crackers, breaking them into pieces and letting them melt a little in your mouth. Crustless bread also counts, in addition to gelatin, so you really won’t go hungry after your dental implant. 

If possible, do not consume red meat or fish with bones, as these can hurt your gums, preferably eat natural foods, without chemicals and you will see how you recover quickly.